Window Treatment in Kitchen

Size does matter when choosing window treatments for your kitchen window. Don’t overwhelm your small kitchen with large, bold prints. Choose smaller prints and lighter colors instead. Use accents sparingly. A drape over the window creates a great look, but it might devour a lot of space and make your kitchen window look ridiculously tiny. Work with your kitchen window size and you can’t go wrong.

Use a swag or a valance from which to hang curtains from. You can also use ruffled curtains to create a lovely country look. Want it plain? Go for the more structured tailored look and add a few accents like a colorful tieback, for example.

If you want more privacy but want to let in light, choose sheer printed curtains or louvered blinds. Roman blinds also work well or half-panel curtains that only cover a portion of the kitchen window. These window treatments allow a partial coverage without totally keeping you isolated in your little nook. They also give your kitchen a great look without a lot of cost.

When deciding on which window treatment to use for your kitchen, determine how much light you want to let in. While it’s always a good idea to encourage a lot of sunshine in, there might be times in the day when you want to reduce the glare. If you do, go for sheer curtains topped with printed fabrics or go for slightly thicker curtains and drapes you can tie back if you want more light.