Renovate Old Kitchen

The first thing you should consider is the size of your kitchen. It’s no good looking at expensive kitchen islands when you have a galley style kitchen with which to work. Nowadays though, a small kitchen does not mean you have to sacrifice quality or style. It is possible to buy the latest designs from the best manufacturers even for a small space.
That brings us to cost. It is well worth spending a while here planning your budget. Once you have started your renovation it can cost a large sum of money to rectify errors made whilst in the planning stage. Decide here if you want a modern or a retro design, something with a country feel, or maybe a colorful Mediterranean look.
Remember though that there will be some tough decision here. More often than not, you will not be able to have everything you desire in your new kitchen. You must decide that if you want granite countertops, will your budget allow the latest space age appliances?
Another part of a good kitchen renovation is flooring. The visual projection of creating a bigger area can work wonders. If you do have a small kitchen, then spending a bit of time and money on good quality flooring will pay dividends.

Once your new kitchen is planned, you will need to decide whether to do the work yourself or hire some professionals to carry out the work for you. Now, I know a lot of people who have renovated their own kitchens and have done an excellent job. But if you have a really large or difficult project you should not think about carrying out the work yourselves unless you’ve had previous experience. Perhaps a compromise would be to have an experienced friend on stand-by, just in case you needed a bit of advice. I personally use professionals for all my renovation work. I admit I don’t have the skills to do most of the work, and if you spend a bit of time, you can always find excellent builders locally.

Now your kitchen is finished…and you just have to fit your appliances. Ideally these should have been chosen during the planning stage. In today’s market, there is a massive range of gadgets you can purchase for the modern kitchen. From glass fronted refrigerators, to amazing lighting, to warming drawers that keep everything warm until everyone arrives home. If you have the budget, it always makes sense to finish your project off in style.

Temporary Kitchen Renovation

We started with a couple of coat of fresh paint on the walls and woodwork. This helped a lot. It is amazing what a little paint can accomplish for a room. We carefully looked at all the kitchen appliances (stove and dishwasher were the only appliances in the home) and decided that the filth was too much. I went out and purchased a new dishwasher and stove for Pam. We still had our refrigerator so we put that in place. Even a good scrubbing couldn’t help those appliances that were in the home.

It was almost too fearful to start taking pictures of our new home. From one room to the next all we see was vast amounts of filth. Nasty surroundings greeted us at every corner of the home however during our pre-cleaning phase when all we were doing is taking pictures I thought I would break the rooms down one by one. I must warn everyone this house is the leader in the “Cult of the Filth” so have your life insurance paid as you view these pictures. You can see the before images of the filthy kitchen which we recently encountered. First notice the unclean stove ready to haunt anyone entering the kitchen. Who would ever want to cook a meal on that? The refrigerator was not working so that was sent to the salvage yard for scrape (as was the unclean stove). Glance with caution at the image showing behind the stove as it looks like it hasn’t been cleaned for many long years.

You will notice that there were many floor tiles in the kitchen that will need to be replaced. It is obvious that the previous occupant was not very clean and failed to maintain the house to standards.

The light and fan assemblies that were in the kitchen/dining room combination were in pretty bad condition and we decided to replace them with just a ceiling light. The fan in the dining area would hit the door of the cabinet when it was opened. The lights served much better for us.

We placed our refrigerator where the previous tenets frig was located and since it had a water supply line already run for the ice maker is was very convenient for us. Pam took a small cabinet that she had and placed it in the middle of the floor to use as an island for working on. This also is merely a temporary condition. The dining room area has the table and four chairs in it while her china cabinet had to be placed essentially in the kitchen. The counters at the breakfast bar cleaned up real good and once Pam put some of her items on it the area began to take on a new and exciting life of its own.

Kitchen Countertop

Kitchens and Countertops

There is currently a wide range of countertop materials available. Homeowners may get
confused as to which to use when building their home.
Currently, stone is the cheapest material. Stone countertops are
popular among homeowners with limited resources. The natural look is popular,
however, but also bold and bright colors are achievable if you use innovative materials. Some material alternatives are concrete and engineered stone. There is also a recent trend to
combine styles to add a personal touch to the kitchen. Countertops
in the kitchen not only are a practical and
useful fixture, but offer a nice décor.

Various Countertops

Countertop material choices include wood, stone, engineered
stone, concrete, laminates, ceramic tile, solid surfaces, metal. Almost all are available for professional installation, or do it yourself for the handy homeowner. When buying your materials, make sure to pick up the proper equipment that you will need for installation. Often, special tools and saws can be rented for modest cost. As a homeowner, you have many options to choose from
among the different styles to fit any budget. While installing
countertops, it’s important to keep in mind to install good quality countertops.
You can then select the color according to your kitchen’s color décor.
Make sure the color complements the room. Also make sure to choose countertops that
are easy to clean and maintain. Installing a countertop can be an
exciting task, mixing different styles and colors of countertops to add a
personal touch to the kitchen.

Corian Countertops

One of the most popular choices today is corian for kitchen countertops. Corian countertops look great when combined with materials such as Brass, Tile and
Granite. It can be combined with sinks, edge treatments or other
inlays, or even an additional layer of Corian for a customized look. Corian is considered a thermosetting plastic, and is thermoformed by heating it to
300 degrees Fahrenheit. All
thicknesses have pattern and color consistency common to all
types of solid surfacing material. Corian is considered a high-quality countertop in today’s market, and is made by the Dupont Company.


Even with the addition of classic pot racks, an island, and a set of bigger, badder, custom kitchen cabinets–you still don’t have enough space in your cooking area. One of the great things about a magnificent étagère is the warm addition of open shelf space. The openness of this elegant piece of furniture allows you to store away the items or appliances that you normally don’t use but still have ready access for when they are needed.

One of the truly great advantages of having a classic étagère in your kitchen is that it can store away easily in some corner while still adding a decorative flare to the room. Made from a variety of materials and incorporating many classic and contemporary designs, the beautiful étagère can be found in just about any design scheme so that it will perfectly complement your other furnishings in the kitchen.

Thus, the elegant étagère is both functional and beautiful. Freeing up space in the kitchen while still keeping all items out in view thanks to its open shelving design, this refined piece of furniture will greatly reduce clutter in your cooking area. Made from a wide variety of materials and available in almost any style or design you can think of, the étagère will organize while imbuing the kitchen with an added touch of class of French sophistication.