Large Kitchen Set

Seating Space

Having some extra seating space is always a great asset for homeowners. This is an area where you can have your informal dining. When your extended family or friends join you for dinner, preparing and serving your meals doesn’t become as hectic as it is normally where there are smaller kitchens.


Sometimes one needs more floor space while others you need some extra counters. A large kitchen allows you to do whatever you feel is necessary. This becomes evident when you are making a huge meal for a lot of people who want to help.

Additional Kitchen Amenities

When you have a large kitchen, it becomes very easy to have all the amenities that you may have always wanted in the same place. This is how you make the kitchen a functional area that is useful for you and your household. This is how a kitchen becomes the main cooking and entertainment hub.

Maximize Space in Small Kitchen

1. Opt for more wall storage- The shelves in your kitchen can be enlarged to accommodate more objects and containers. Try and fit all those things on the shelves which otherwise lie scattered on the countertops. This manner you can also reduce the clutter in your kitchen.
2. Integration of appliances- When you get a modular kitchen made you can always make sure that appliances like microwave and dishwashers are integrated in the panelling itself. Doing that saves you space on the kitchen slab and reduces the amount of stuff that is outside.
3. Hanger for pots and pans- Cookware is one of the few things that occupy a lot of space. To free some space you can install a hanger where such pots and pans can be accommodated. That ways a lot of your cabinet space can also be used for other purposes.
4. Open Wall shelves- The shelves that are made will be more convenient if you leave them open. Skip a full installation of wall cabinets and use the open shelves to keep your crockery and items that are worth displaying.
5. Pull out counters- If you think there is still shortage of space invest your money in pull out counters. This could be used for meal preparation and once over you could close it and keep it hidden. Such a counter does not interfere with your kitchen d├ęcor style also.
6. Consistent finishes- When you keep a consistent look for your kitchen it looks neat and even the limited space available looks more. Such fine finishes also provide an elegance to your kitchen which is otherwise difficult to get.
7. Corner space usage- There is a lot of space in the corners which are otherwise not used. Those who understand the importance of this space create modular kitchen attachments which uses the corner much more efficiently.
8. Scalability issues- If you have a small kitchen then do not go for large-scale features and bold pattern usage. Minimize use of multiple textures and spaces and selected only muted tones for the kitchen. This makes your small kitchen look spacious despite its constraints.
9. Use multi-functional appliances- When you have space issues you should definitely look at buying appliances which are capable of handling multiple tasks. That ways you won’t have to share space for two-three devices and your work will be made convenient.
10. Skinny cupboards and shelves- Store more things at one place by installing slim cupboards and shelves. Such narrow shelves and cupboards can be installed in corners and places which are otherwise not so useful.

Kitchen With Better Lighting

Many kitchens, and especially older ones, only have one type of lighting or even worse, perhaps only one light! You may be thinking that a big light centered in the middle of the ceiling will serve your need effectively, but it is rarely enough. If you do go with one overhead light, make sure that you plan to incorporate enough reflection to let the light bounce into every part of the room so that it is lit properly..

One thing to consider if you only have room or resources for lighting on the ceiling is track lighting. This type of lighting will allow you to direct the light to specific areas of the kitchen. You can install a light or point a light to each work area as well as your stove and kitchen table. Or, try using track kitchen lighting for the work area and then install additional lighting over the table or island areas.

Typically, one big light in the middle of the room will be inadequate for proper task lighting. It is problematic since when you are standing at the counter with your back to the light you will be casting a shadow right on the area you want to illuminate. Task lighting is important for proper food prep and will make your kitchen chores much easier.

For great task lighting consider kitchen lights that are installed on the bottoms of the cabinets that overhang your kitchen countertops. You’ll be able to easily see while you are chopping vegetables and preparing meals. This lighting is soft enough to provide the right amount of light and can be easily turned off as needed or leave just one light on at night as a “night light” of sorts.

You’ll also want to consider how you light the island and table areas. Here is where you will want to insure that lighting is adequate, and looks great with the style of your kitchen.

Ergonomic Kitchen

The ergonomic kitchen is a kitchen design that should be planned to suit you. What is important to the practical use of your new kitchen are specific heights, depths, widths & clearances that need to be observed. The right kitchen design should be one that creates a working environment that takes into account the exact movements of the person using the kitchen. This can include giving careful consideration to working heights for preparation, cooking and cleaning.

So what just what is an ergonomic kitchen design? Kitchens have made a comeback from being a small cluttered room at the back of the house to playing a very important part in the most social or activities of the house.

The well thought out and designed kitchen should be one that is designed around the needs of those who live in the home and the way they use the kitchen. The design should fit to your exact movements. This includes customized working heights for preparation, cooking and clean-up. The ergonomic kitchen should also take into careful though just what your present and future physical abilities so that your kitchen will always be able to live up to the demands of your lifestyle. The kitchen plan should also make sure that cooking supplies and appliances are within easy reach, as well as provide adequate room to be able to walk between kitchen cabinets. The ergonomic kitchen design should insure that the kitchen is easier to work in and create less stress on the body.

Also any necessary safety concerns in the kitchen should also be addressed especially when it involves children and pets. The design should result in a kitchen that is not so much within their reach. Cabinets with magnetic locks and a breakfast bar in the kitchen where children can be with their moms while she is cooking are ideas to consider.
An ergonomic kitchen design should result in creating a kitchen that is both comfortable and convenient for you to use.

The kitchen design should provide good economy of movement, convenience of location and be able to go from storage to dining in a smooth fashion. It is important that it do this well because being able to entertainment guests near and even in the kitchen has become part of the more demanding lifestyles we have today.

Floor Plans for Kitchen

First, the owner should decide whether the remodeling would involve extending the space area of the kitchen. In a lot of cases, kitchen remodeling entails adding more space or islands to expand the kitchen’s working area.

Second, owners should determine whether the existing appliances are already enough or if more should be added. The volume occupied by kitchen appliances greatly affects the suitability of certain kitchen floor plans.

Lastly, it is helpful to think about the lifestyle of the kitchen owners and other people who frequent their house. Some kitchen owners would want to have a larger working area where they can cook. Others, however, prefer giving more space to the dining area where family members or guests can sit down and talk while doing kitchen tasks.

Apart from the factors previously mentioned, it would be helpful to apply the kitchen triangle method, which is suggested by experts, in the final kitchen floor plan. It is based on the positioning of the three most commonly used appliances or areas of the kitchen – the refrigerator, the sink and the cooking area. This way, experts say, moving around the kitchen becomes more efficient.

Among the kitchen floor plans, the most popular are the L-shape, U-shape, one-wall and open plan. The L-shape requires the refrigerator and sink to be placed against the same wall and the stove on the adjacent wall. The U-shape, on the other hand, separates the stove, sink and refrigerator by placing each one of them by a different wall.

Meanwhile, a one-wall kitchen floor plan is most effective for those whose space is limited. In this case, the stove and the refrigerator are placed against the same wall and the kitchen sink on the opposite wall. If the owners do not mind extending the kitchen area in other areas of the house, such as the living room or family area, they may choose to employ the open area kitchen floor plan. Just remember to position the sink in a place that is not readily visible to those who are in the family area.

Window Treatment in Kitchen

Size does matter when choosing window treatments for your kitchen window. Don’t overwhelm your small kitchen with large, bold prints. Choose smaller prints and lighter colors instead. Use accents sparingly. A drape over the window creates a great look, but it might devour a lot of space and make your kitchen window look ridiculously tiny. Work with your kitchen window size and you can’t go wrong.

Use a swag or a valance from which to hang curtains from. You can also use ruffled curtains to create a lovely country look. Want it plain? Go for the more structured tailored look and add a few accents like a colorful tieback, for example.

If you want more privacy but want to let in light, choose sheer printed curtains or louvered blinds. Roman blinds also work well or half-panel curtains that only cover a portion of the kitchen window. These window treatments allow a partial coverage without totally keeping you isolated in your little nook. They also give your kitchen a great look without a lot of cost.

When deciding on which window treatment to use for your kitchen, determine how much light you want to let in. While it’s always a good idea to encourage a lot of sunshine in, there might be times in the day when you want to reduce the glare. If you do, go for sheer curtains topped with printed fabrics or go for slightly thicker curtains and drapes you can tie back if you want more light.

Custom Kitchen Cabinet Design Firm

For custom kitchen cabinet design projects, you should find a reputable custom kitchen cabinet design company that you feel comfortable working with. To find a company that is right for you, you can ask friends, family, and neighbors. If they have recently finished a kitchen-remodeling project, that can give you advice that may save you not only time, but money as well. You can learn a lot from other people’s mistakes, so be sure, when you do pick a company you check their references and speak to satisfied customers before you begin.

You can also go to a local home improvement store when you can brush up on custom kitchen cabinet design terminology. You can also do your research online if you are pressed for time as many of us are these days. You can find out all you need to know about custom kitchen cabinet design when you search for information online.

You may decide to hire a professional such as a kitchen designer or an architect for your custom kitchen cabinet design. This can be ideal if you can afford it because with a professional, you will get the most out of your space in the most eye pleasing designs. A professional knows more than you do about the whole process and can steer you in the right direction. They can make your ideas a reality when you don’t know how. You may know what you want, but when it comes to custom kitchen cabinet design, you have a hard time expressing exactly what you mean.

Clean Stainless Steel

Here are several inexpensive ways you can clean the stainless steel items around your home, even those outside such as grills or even your trash cans (if you wanted to bother cleaning them!)

To clean your kitchen sink, put some olive oil on a cloth and rub the entire sink as well as the fixtures. Then clean with a dry cloth. This will also get rid of water spots.

To clean your electric skillet or roaster, just use club soda. Vinegar can be used to remove spots and stains from your utensils and flatware.

To get rid of grease on your appliances, rub with a mixture of ammonia and warm water. Large areas such as refrigerators or counter tops can be cleaned with glass cleaner or ammonia. If you have a rust problem, just use ordinary household cleaner as often as needed.

To avoid damage to your stainless steel items, never use steel wool as this will scratch the finish. Also, cookware should not be left on a high heat burner for a long period of time as this will cause discoloration which is not a “stain” that can be removed.

While you can find any number of products that give instructions on how to clean stainless steel, you can achieve the same sparkle without the use of abrasives and toxic chemicals.

Info of Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor kitchens are something most people treat as a bonus, as a luxury feature that they can place in their garden or backyard, and they are exactly this, they serve a very specific task and they are just perfect for performing this at its best, it is entertaining outdoors, for a light cocktail or a heavy and full dinner a outdoor kitchen will provide the home owner and his guests the maximum of dining experience, not to mention that if it is the home owner that is doing the cooking he will probably enjoy the cooking much more than the company.

The wide variety of outdoor kitchens offered to the public today make it impossible to find something for almost anyone, providing that you are willing to invest some money in your outdoor kitchen you could have almost everything you want and make any kind of meal in the outdoors with a modern outdoor kitchen. Most of the people who look for outdoor kitchens already have a highly equipped kitchen inside the house and they are looking for a kitchen they can enjoy while they are out in the garden or pool, or when they are having people for dinner or a Sunday brunch, naturally there is a big difference in cooking a full meal outdoors to having a fun barbecue near the pool, and this is why anyone interested in getting an outdoor kitchen should think about what exactly it is they are looking for.

A garden or pool that is used a few times a year to host a big party or cocktail does not necessarily need to have an outdoor kitchen installed in it, the costs and the fact that it will be in the way of people using the garden or the pool on everyday basis does not justify having it, but if this is a space that the family spends a lot of time at, and that is frequently used to host dinner parties and family meals than it is just right to have an outdoor kitchen placed and ready to start working.

Granite Countertops

With granite prices more affordable than ever, this market is experiencing a bloom in business and interest, the unique qualities of granite are now more available to the general public. Granite kitchen countertops are more affordable than ever. Previously you could easily spend a small fortune on buying the granite and then paying a professional to install the new counter. There have even been cheaper alternatives that look like granite but are made of various other materials that completely take away from the earthenware feel of your granite counter.

Because of the new easiness of installation and the lower price you can find more professionals to install your granite counter top and you can buy the granite slab that you need and anyone with a fair amount of carpentry skills can even install their new counter top for a fraction of the price that it would have cost just a few years ago.

The granite counters offers quality, durable and very elegant features to your kitchen of bathroom, the durability of the granite allows you to assign many different tasks to it once installed in the kitchen. Whether you need to roll dough, cut meat, or just need another place to set that hot pot, you will not have to worry because granite is just the perfect material to handle these kitchen tasks, and while other materials may be a cause of worry once working in the kitchen, granite is almost always a perfect working tool in the kitchen. So not only do you have a great looking counter top but it also functions location to do all of your kitchen tasks.

Granite kitchen counter tops make a great addition to any kitchen or bathroom or really any place that you see fit. Hard to damage and easy to maintain, this is really what you have been looking for in the likes of counter top replacement. The only real problem is looking and finding a granite counter that you like and then thinking of how you want it installed and placed. Once you have added this functional yet stylish addition to your home, it will definitely be hard to you to imagine life without it.